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ADVERTISING  /  New promotion awareness

Promotional campaign for the new SME service provided by BNU. Creative development and branding exercise was channeled to traditional media and also the growing digital tools, through specific digital platforms focused in the economic sector.

Client: BNU    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2016


ADVERTISING  /  Brand awareness

International Brand awareness for Solaire, a integrated Resort/Casino in the Philippines. Difficult goal to achieve since Macau is a over-flooded market for Luxury Resorts/Casinos. Full digital campaign and traditional print/outdoor in highly tourist key points.

Client: Solaire    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2016


EVENT & DESIGN  /  Event Campaign

The Event has been running for 4 consecutive years, with different key visuals for each edition. Concept design follows a very simple direction with high-end retail aim. Highly focus in digital media, with full smart-phone app integration.

Client: Macau Shopping Festival    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2013-2016


BRANDING & DESIGN  /  Promotional Campaign

Unusual campaign for Macau local visual communication.

The friendly approach fits the briefing from the client, Royal Supermarket, and also the shoppers feedback was very positive. Project awarded by International Advertising Awards Asia.

Client: Royal Supermarket    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2015


DESIGN  /  Promotion Collateral

An interesting design exercise where we should go beyond the "fish theme", and emphasis the quality factor, through engaging design/layout, using printing effects ensuring different textures for each product and other fine design and production details.

Client: Unibond International    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2015-2016


DESIGN  /  Promotion Collateral

For the 1 year celebration of the Macau branch of CCB, we provided a tailor made project, mixing modern design with a twist of traditional Chinese illustration. Attention to detail and production in an important project to the brand.

Client: China Construction Bank    /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2015


PUBLICATION  /  Academic History Book

The project of this book was born of the will to tell Macau history past events, of a very dramatic nature. The design, layout and production had this in mind, and the quality is evident, using unusual printing methods to achieve an exciting result.

Client: IPM - Macao Polytechnic Institute   /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2016


PUBLICATION  /  Event Planners Directory

Extensive work in incentive for new members for the MISE association, and later book/directory development, with an editorial section about Macau and events, and also technical information sheets for the largest hotels/venues in the region.

Client: MISE   /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2017/2018


EXHIBITION  /  Chu Tai Sin - Cultural Exhibition

Oversees Exhibition curated by the Maritime Museum of Macau, with complete development of the Venue flow, preparation, design and creation of the graphics and boards, production follow up and advertising in specific media channels.

Client: Maritime Museum of Macau   /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2015/2016


BOOTH DESIGN  /  Macau Cultural Pavilion - MIF

The design concept was inspired by the sound waves, with sharp highs and lows, with a edgy look. The complex process includes concept design, production supervision, logistics coordination,  floor management and promotion tools.

Client: Macau Cultural Institute   /    Produced in: Conde

Running time: 2014


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